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58 Meter St Martin Yacht Charter Vessel Is A Standout

We had an prospect to chat with Captain Glynn Smith onboard the Trinity yacht charter vessel, motor yacht MI SUENO (FYI – her name is now SKYFALL) recently. We organized a year-end Caribbean yacht charter to get a repeat customer and necessary to review itinerary ideas, along with.


It’s always a pleasure to work with a real \"Can-Do\" skipper – various of professional who never says \"No\" to customers. Glynn truly understands the associated with top-notch customer service, use shows component of his enthusiasm.

Glynn’s positive attitude and professionalism deserve recognition. Maybe it’s time we showed him our gratitude using a little extra promotion of his magnificent charter vessel, M/Y MI SUENO.


Built all of the USA actually by Trinity Yachts, the 190 foot luxury motor yacht MI SUENO can be a standout superyacht in every respect.


Her amenities include WiFi and Kaleidescape central movie/music server within the. She is also equipped with a 2-person, wheelchair-accessible elevator (to 3 levels).


Conversation areas abound on all levels – both inside and on deck. The sophisticated, contemporary interior designed by Patrick Knowles ( is really a tasteful mix of textures, fine art, and neutral colors in furniture, fabric, carpeting, and stonework. The formal dining area is amazing and stunning – with a table that seats 14 comfortably.


There is a full-width split-level Master Suite with King bed. It exists forward on the main decking. This stateroom has multiple features. For instance, a private study, lounge, and his/hers bathrooms. Five additional ensuite staterooms are below. In specific, they include a full-width VIP King suite, 2 matching King staterooms, and a wheelchair-accessible Queen stateroom. In addition, will be a Twin stateroom extra Pullman cabin.


Trinity yacht MI SUENO offers three exterior living areas. In specific, spacious and inviting – with beautiful teak furniture on all qualities. Active guests may go to numerous cities. For instance, head on up for the sundeck to have vigorous workout on the elliptical trainer. Soothe sore muscles involving on deck Jacuzzi. In addition, follow with a dip in the splash pool.

As the sun sets, who wouldn’t enjoy cocktails and al fresco dining on the aft deck of the skylounge?

For in-water fun typically the sun, yacht MI SUENO is fun. Specifically, she is jam-packed with an extensive inventory of water toys.

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