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Russia's Fix Price To Open More Stores As Revenue Jumps
Overall, a step-by-step wizard that guides you through this process or an in-line help option would make building a store easier.

AMSTERDAM, Aug 17 (Reuters) - The Dutch economy grew 3.1% on a quarterly basis in the second quarter as a gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions sparked a boom in consumer spending, the Dutch national statistics office said on Tuesday.

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Transcend StoreJet

Transcend`s StoreJet ultraportable hard drive lets you take 20GB to 40GB of your favorite files with you.

You skin peels the top layer of skin to reveal much clearer skin with fewer brown spots and lines`.

Superannuation provider AustralianSuper has the largest stake in the retail chain and owns 11 per cent of shares.

Fund manager Bennelong Australian Equity Partners has the next biggest stake, nine per cent.

Unfortunately, the single USB port on top of the drive remains uncovered and susceptible to dust and other particles floating around.

The best part is its low price: it`s about as cheap as mobile storage gets these days. You can e-mail Transcend`s technicians anytime with a question (the company promises next-day response) or call toll-free weekdays from 7 a.m. While some of you may prefer the bright colors and matte details on the series, business professionals and subtle fashionistas might prefer the executive black finish replete with a unique diamond pattern on the front faceplate, not to mention an overall shape reminiscent of Palm`s original .

The 2.5-inch internal hard disk is protected by three stages of shock protection: the first layer wraps the drive in a silicone shell to absorb vibrations, electronic shop near me the second suspends the hard drive within a tight bracket, and the third layer reinforces the vibration resistance with a thick rubber casing surrounding the drive.

Even if this setup isn`t daunting, it`s still easy to miss some crucial steps when presented with all of them at once.

Unfortunately, instead of numbered, step-by-step instructions, creating your e-commerce site consists mainly of filling out options in a series of tabbed dialog boxes. A mini USB 2.0 port sits on top of the device and is the only exposed port--unfortunately, you get no FireWire option.

Transcend StoreJet comes with a two-year warranty, a step down from Apricorn`s three years of coverage.

The company`s Web site has downloads of key files and basic FAQs but lacks any setup tips or an online forum. Our e-mail was answered in less than two hours, and we waited on the phone a mere two minutes to speak to a customer service representative.

`We won`t be landing into Kabul in these circumstances and obviously we`ve got a base close by which is safe and secure in the UAE,` he told the Nine Network on Tuesday.

Another added: `I have been using this product for about five months now and it is amazing.

Powered through its USB cable, the drive delivers reliable, if not speedy, file transfers.

Design and features

Transcend`s StoreJet comes in 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB capacities with one uniform design for all three models.
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