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New And Noteworthy: Apple Announces ILife Educator Awards; Microsoft Courted To Buy Universal Also; More
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Apple announces iLife educator pts terbaik sumatera awards Apple has announced the \"Apple iLife Educator Awards\" to recognize the most innovative uses of iLife in the classroom. \"Teachers that are creatively using iLife applications to enhance lessons, exceed instructional standards and meet the needs of today`s students are encouraged to submit their lesson plans for consideration.\"

Microsoft courted to buy Universal also Late last week reports broke that Apple may be in the final phases of negotiating a deal to buy Universal Music. Now Reuters reports that Microsoft may have also been eyed as a potential buyer: \"The Reuters source played down speculation the sale of Universal Music to the firm run by California computer guru Steve Jobs -- for up to $6 billion as first reported by the Los Angeles Times on Friday -- was a done deal.\"

10 year browser anniversary A CNET report looks back at the 10 years since the introduction of the first true Web browser. \"On April 22, 1993, a group of students at the University of Illinois released a piece of computer code designed to get information from various public networks. Little did they know t


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