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Football clubs often become legends. Players wish defend colors of their favorite squad. Number of fans increasing constantly. Leading clubs support in home country and Betwinner PT rest of the world. Matches collect millions of TV viewers. Introduce legendary teams from different countries of the world.


\"Old Signora\" .

Must report additional fact. In the early 1990s Red Devils founded the English Premier League.

Most successful period came job Alex Ferguson. Team managed to win many famous titles. At the moment about the past glory remains only dreaming. But Red Devils still be able to demonstrate excellent football.

\"Star of the South\"

Club first originated in early last century. During years development \"Bayern\" achieved nickname most titled team Germany . Account about 60 major achievements.

In recent years success started from 2012. Club demonstrated excellent football. Bayern strengthened in the first lines in the national championship. Football players managed achieve great results at continental tournaments.

Club often helped other teams and ordinary people. Several times Bavaria supported Munich 1860. Management performed various methods assistance:

• economically attractive transitions;

• friendly games;

• direct financing.

Recently aid works locally. Club strives help people in need.

Real Madrid

List of the best football teams world would incomplete without Galacticos. FIFA recognized specified squad as the leader of football of the last century.

The team achieved 65 titles national class. To the list you can attribute 34 first places in the Spain championship. Such results of competitors no.

\"Real Madrid\" appeared in 1902. After 18 years of existence team gave title royal.

Leading positions in Spanish football roster tried to take over from the beginning. Achieve this succeeded thanks to set reasons. The team is famous for its comprehensive approach to training process. Mentors try to focus on different parameters:

1. Shape of football players.

2. Selection.

3. Settings for the game.

Meticulous work allows creamy take titles. About the merits of the of the team successfully talk for long. More 10 times Real Madrid won in European cup competitions.

Roster never didn`t leave from the Spanish championship. Independent assessors name Galacticos the most expensive club in the on the planet. Approximate value at the time of analysis reached 4.2 billion USD.

Annual income high. Squad earns on selection, advertising, sponsorship. Significant income is selling seats in the stands during games.
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